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Here we gather documentation, writing and research about Ethereum for the Crypto Academy.

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This site is a community site for individuals interested in sharing, teaching and educating the wider community about Cryptography, Blockchains and Public Key Infrastructure.

Here we are looking to Research and Archive any material we can get our hands on (talks, videos, software, white papers etc) on topics related to Security, Cryptography, Privacy and Online Freedom of Speech .

Our mission is to educate ourselves about Cryptography, and to share that knowledge openly with others.

My name is David Bovill, and this is where I write about Cryptography.

I maintain a part of Crypto Academy Federated Wiki which covers Basics of Blockchain Technology and its role in society through practical examples.

A block chain is a transaction database shared by all nodes participating in a system. Block chain technology was popularised by cryptographic currency Bitcoin. Apart from financial transactions it as a number of applications. See Block Chain Projects.

Bitcoin can refer to the Bitcoin network/protocol as Bitcoin (sometimes capitalized) and to the units of currency flowing in the Bitcoin network as bitcoins.

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